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Bogachiel River

Pronounced "bow ga sheel" | Nickname "Bogie" or "Bogey"

The Bogachiel River is known for its large runs of hatchery winter Steelhead, and it carries good numbers of wild Steelhead and fall Salmon.

It's easy to float in the lower stretches and is a good place for new rowers to learn the ropes.

The Bogachiel River has become one of my favorites to fish over the years as it has good opportunities to swing for wild Steelhead with a spey rod.

Another favorite fish on the Bogie is the Cutthroat trout. I love to pursue them in the late summer or early fall with a 5 or 6 weight.  There are also summer Steelhead in the system.

It has easy wading, smooth flows, and was built for the fly rod.  It also fishes well with any other fishing technique you would wish to use.  

Bogachiel River.JPG
Bogachiel River Wild Winter Steelhead.JP

Wild Winter Steelhead

Bogachiel River Wild Winter Steelhead -

Wild Winter Steelhead

(all fish pictured above caught on the Bogachiel River)

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