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Weather in Forks, WA is typically rainy - averaging over 10 feet of rain each year...

In addition to the rain keeping it nice and green here, it brings in the fish!  We also enjoy the occasional warm, sunny day as well.

So check out the weather information below to see what's happening today, or check-out the weather forecast for your fishing trip!

Weather & Tide Links

NOAA logo
Raindrop Image by Inge Maria

NOAA Weather Observations for the Past 3 Days

Quillayute Weather Station

(Precipitation in right 3 columns)

Umbrella Image by Wim van 't Einde

NOAA Weather Forecast

Forks, WA

Includes Temperatures &

Estimated Precipitation in

6 hr intervals for the next 6-7 days

Sea Shore Waves

NOAA Tides & Currents

La Push/Quillayute

Today's Tides

Tide Predictions

High & Low Tides

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