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Olympic Peninsula Spey Fishing

As Spey rods have gained a wider following over the years, swinging flies for Steelhead has become extremely popular.  They give an angler the ability to throw long distances with big flies on heavy sink tips.  In short, they've made the entire river accessible to not only an expert angler, but to the average angler as well.

Over the past 25 years I've shared my passion for Spey casting with many others and help them improve their own casting and fishing techniques by sharing what I've learned.  Of all the different types of fishing I do throughout the year, Spey fishing for wild Steelhead is by far my favorite.

Book your Spey fishing trip for Steelhead, salmon or trout today -

I'll look forward to assisting you to becoming a better angler and we'll have a great time on the river!

BELOW:  Example Spey Cast

Red Fly Fishing Fly on moss
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