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PNW Landing net next to river near angler


Gear Tackle & Tips

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Gear Equipment Tips

We can provide equipment for your use or you are welcome to use your own.

You can find our gear fishing tackle suggestions below:

Rods & Reels

We choose rods and reels that optimize our fishing techniques. We use GLoomis rods for all of our gear fishing needs. They have rods designed specifically for twitching jigs, casting spinners and spoons, float fishing and back-trolling plugs. When combined with a Shimano spinning reel loaded up with braided line, you'll feel everything that's happening at the end of your line and have the ability to land that "Fish of a Lifetime"!

For twitching jigs and casting spinners we like a spinning rod in the 8 ft range. 

For float fishing we use longer rods in the 10 ft range combined with either a spinning reel or bait caster, depending on your skill level.  The longer rod helps with line control as does the bait caster, whereas the spinning reel is easier to cast.

For plug fishing, we once again go with a rod in the 8 ft range for most of our fishing, and at times use our heavier 30 lb rated rods when fishing for Kings in higher flows.

Angler with large fish in river
Fish in river about to be released

For the main line on all of our spinning reels we use braid made by PowerPro or Tuf-Line.  For lower river flows we use 20 lb green braid, and for higher water conditions we use 30 lb yellow line. The green has less visibility in lower water conditions which helps to catch those "spooky" fish, whereas the yellow line with its high visibility is easier to track in murkey water conditions.

For bait casting or center pin reels you can use the same lines, or use monofilament in the 10 - 15 lb test range.



Leaders & Hooks

For all of our leaders we use Seaguar fluorocarbon ranging from 8 - 15 lb test depending on water clarity.

For hooks we recommend Gamakatsu.

Angler with large fish about to be released
Angler riverside in waders

Bring comfortable waders AND boots without studs or spikes as we will be fishing from a drift boat or raft.

We recommend SIMMS for both waders and rain gear.

Waders & Rain Gear


Knotless bags are required on your landing nets on our OP rivers.  I love my PNW Landing Net! Its craftsmanship and beauty are unsurpassed and it is big enough to handle our large, wild winter Steelhead. 

Landing Nets

Fishing guide Larry Ford in river with large fish in net
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