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Olympic Peninsula Fish

Fishing in Forks, WA provides the opportunity to catch trophy class winter Steelhead among many other salmon and trout species.  We're one of the few areas that still have healthy runs of Wild Steelhead - fish in excess of 30 lbs cruise our rivers each winter!

Fish we catch in our rivers include:

 Wild Steelhead | King Salmon | Sockeye Salmon | Coho Salmon | Chinook Salmon | Cutthroat Trout

Blue_Heron_Guide_Service Larry Ford Fish

Wild Steelhead

This is the fish that draws people to our rivers from all around the world. Starting in December and running through April, fish in excess of 20 and at times even 30 pounds enter our rivers. If you're looking to catch and release a huge wild Steelhead in the continental US this is the place to be.  

Hatchery Summer Steelhead 005.JPG

Summer Steelhead

Beginning in June and running through September, this is one of my favorite fish to catch. With cold weather no longer an issue, the rivers are uncrowded and the summer Steelhead fight really well.  

Hatchery Winter Steelhead 2017-11-09 08.

Hatchery Winter


Hatchery Winter Steelhead are available from mid-November through January.  

Spring King Sol Duc Phil E 2.JPG

Spring King Salmon

If people are crazy about wild Steelhead then they are absolutely nutty about Spring King Salmon. They are highly prized for their table fare, and average in the teens and will top 30 pounds. They are plentiful in the months of April through July with a variety of fishing techniques.  

Blue_Heron_Guide_Service Larry Ford Fish

Fall King Salmon

Fall Kings start entering the rivers during September and run into November.  They are large, hard fighting fish that top 50 pounds at times.  We tend to release most to continue on their way to the spawning beds.  

Summer Coho Sol Duc (5).JPG

Summer Coho Salmon

We catch summer Coho salmon in late July and early August. They are mostly hatchery fish and smaller than their fall brethren, but have more body fat stored up to survive the extra time they will spend in the river and also provide excellent table fare.  

Blue Heron Guide Service_Fishing with Gu

Fall Coho Salmon

We have good runs of hatchery and wild Coho salmon in the fall.  Our silvers are large, some topping 20 pounds.  They fight well and are fun to catch.  


Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye Salmon typically enter the Sol Duc River from June until August and offer a productive fishery. They make up for their lack of size by biting well and tasting even better.  

Blue-Heron-Guide-Rick Taylor_3 Jan 3 201

Cutthroat Trout

Cutthroat Trout are available year-round with July through September being the best time of year.


River fishing for Cutthroat Trout is an absolute blast on a 5 weight! 

King Salmon
Sockeye Salmon
Coho Salmon
Cutthroat Trout
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