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Calawah River

Pronounced "ka LA wa"

Fishing can be good on the Calawah River because the difficulty of rowing the rapids keeps the pressure down, and it offers good numbers of native winter Steelhead along with some hatchery fish.

The Calawah River is the smallest, and by far the most difficult, river to row of the rivers surrounding Forks. It is highly recommended you hire a guide before attempting to row and navigate it on your own. 

The Calawah River has runs of winter wild Steelhead, hatchery summer Steelhead, and wild fall Coho and King salmon.

It has some good Spey fishing spots along with some excellent spin fishing areas.

Wild Winter Steelhead and Larry Ford fishing guide

Wild Winter Steelhead

Wild King Salmon in Calawah River

Wild King Salmon

(all fish pictured above caught on the Calawah River)

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