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These are the 8 flies we use when targeting Coho Salmon - not that they won't catch Kings, because they will, but because they are very effective for Coho. They get down quick and have a nice jigging action Coho can't resist when retrieved! This Coho Salmon selection includes a Plan D Pocket Plus Articulated fly box to keep your flies organized and protected.

Coho Salmon Fly Selection

  • Included:

    • STARLIGHT LEECH - black/chartreuse
    • STARLIGHT LEECH - black/fluorscent red
    • STARLIGHT LEECH - pink
    • STARLIGHT LEECH - purple
    • SENYO'S EGG RAIDER - black/orange
    • SENYO'S EGG RAIDER - olive/orange
    • JOSH'S COHO JIG LEECH - pink
    • PLAN D POCKET PLUS Articulated Fly Box
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