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These 12 flies have been chosen to fish for King Salmon on our local rivers here on the Olympic Peninsula. "The tug is the drug" and this fly selection will get you hooked up with more Kings.  It contains everything from large Jerry's Intruders for high water down to a small Comet for low and clear water. The King Salmon fly selection is available with or without a Plan D Pocket Plus Articulated fly box for fly organization and protection.

King Salmon Fly Selection

  • Included:

    • MINI DIRTY HOH - blue/chartreuse
    • CHINOOK DIRTY HOH - chartreuse/white
    • CHINOOK DIRTY HOH - black/blue
    • JERRY'S INTRUDER - pink/orange
    • JERRY'S INTRUDER - black/purple
    • JERRY'S INTRUDER - olive/orange
    • SENYO'S STRAY DOG 2.0 - black
    • SENYO'S GL PREDATOR SCANDI - pink/purple
    • SILI-LEG INTRUDER - blue/chartreuse
    • SILI-LEG INTRUDER - orange/pink
    • KRILLER - red
    • COMET - silver/orange
    • PLAN D POCKET PLUS Articulated Fly Box
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