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If you enjoy fly fishing for King and Coho Salmon then these are the 20 flies to have if you want to fish for them on the Olympic Peninsula. It is a combination of both our Weighted and Unweighted Winter Steelhead selections. These flies have been chosen to be used in specific water conditions and will leave you confident that you have the right fly for any scenario that you might encounter on the OP. The Winter Steelhead Fly Pro pack includes a Plan D Pack Articulated fly box.

Winter Steelhead Fly Pro Pack

  • Included:


    • STU'S OSTRICH MINI INTRUDER - metal detector
    • STU'S OSTRICH MINI INTRUDER - black/blue
    • ULTRA MINI INTRUDER - black/blue
    • ULTRA MINI INTRUDER - purple/black
    • ULTRA MINI INTRUDER - blue/chartreuse
    • ULTRA MINI INTRUDER - black/blue
    • STEELHEAD DIRTY HOH - black/blue
    • STEELHEAD DIRTY HOH - orange/pink
    • MINI DIRTY HOH - pink/white
    • MINI DIRTY HOH - purple/black


    • SENYO'S OCD - black
    • SENYO'S OCD - blue
    • SENYO'S OCD - pink
    • SENYO'S AQUA SCANDI - blue
    • SENYO'S GL PREDATOR SCANDI - orange/gold
    • SENYO'S EGG RAIDER - black/orange
    • HOBO SPEY - black/blue
    • SINGLE STATION INTRUDER - black/purple
    • SINGLE STATION INTRUDER - black/blue
    • STU'S STINGER PRAWN - pink
    • PLAN D POCKET PLUS Articulated Fly Box
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