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Hoh River

Pronounced "hoe"

A large, glacially fed river the Hoh River is famous for its huge Native Winter Steelhead and big runs of Fall Salmon. 

You can catch Steelhead, Salmon or Trout on the Hoh River any day of the year providing its open and fishable. 


Note: Hoh River water conditions can be perfect because of its glacial content when other local rivers are too low and clear. 

THE iconic Olympic Peninsula river, the Hoh River evokes thoughts of British Columbia with its glacial content, mountain views, and its wild nature. It certainly has a mind of its own as it wanders back and forth across the valley floor creating new pockets and runs you can discover while fishing here on your next fishing trip. 

Despite its volatile nature, it provides us the opportunity to catch the fish of a lifetime with its long runs perfect for swinging a fly for wild Steelhead or salmon.  It has fish in it year-round, so it's just a matter of picking your methods of fishing and pursuing the quarry of your choice.  Hoh River fishing is spectacular!

Hoh River in Forks WA
Spey fly fishing catch on Hoh River

The thrill of the fight...

...the joy of the catch!

(all fish pictured above caught on the Hoh River)

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